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Concrete – Decorative
Stamped concrete is the process of imprinting a pattern into concrete. There are 36 patterns to choose from. Once a pattern is chosen, an integral color must be selected. This color is then integrated into the mixture right at the plant. This process is best because the color is throughout. This is beneficial because if the surface is chipped or scratched, the color is still there. Once a pattern and color are decided, a release agent color is used to provide an antiquing effect to the surface giving it appropriate contrast (see release agent colors). When the stamping process is completed, the surface should be sealed. Sealing brightens or amplifies the color. It also helps to protect the surface from natures elements. Finally, the sealer has 3 different finishes to choose from to achieve the desired effect: matte, semi-gloss or gloss.

Stamped surfaces are great for patios, sidewalks, pool surrounds or driveways. Stamped surfaces can also be used to provide an accent or border within traditional concrete.

View patterns, integral and release colors below (click photo to select category):

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