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Concrete – Paver Brick
Paver bricks can be utilized for many of the same applications as concrete. However, we suggest that if paver bricks are the material of choice that they are placed on a concrete underlayment. An underlayment is generally a 4" thick layer of concrete beneath the surface of the brick. A concrete underlayment has many advantages. It allows for the brick to be placed on a perfectly flat plain. This gives an even appearance throughout. Sand is then swept into the joints once the brick is placed upon the surface. Paver bricks are far less likely to heave or settle when placed on concrete underlayment which is the most common problem encountered with a paver brick surface. Finally, weeds or vegetation growing between the bricks is not an issue.

Paver Brick Borders
Paver brick borders are also an excellent way to accent concrete. We suggest an uderlayment or ledge for brick pavers to be placed upon. the pavers are then mortared into place.

Brick - Walls, Post or Mailboxes
We can also provide installation of brick walls, brick posts or mailboxes. These items can be customized by adding an address stone or any historical fact you may wish to disclose.

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